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About Us

Ningbo Megawatt Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in intelligent generator set (power system), duel fuel generator set, gas generator set, diesel engine (G drive engine, industrial engine, oil and gas field engine,marine engine), power equipment silent environmental protection engineering, power parallel switching load management automation engineering, distributed energy engineering and other business segments have extensive expertise. We have extensive applications across various industries, including Internet data centers, marine,nuclear power, high-tech manufacturing, modern transportation (ships, airports, highways), finance, medical and other sectors."

  • ​Choosing the right marine generator for your boat or yacht involves several considerations to ensure it meets your power needs and performs reliably in the marine environment. Here are some steps to ......

  • In summary, the primary difference between a marine generator and a regular generator is their intended application and the specific features and construction designed to meet the challenges of their ......

  • Marine engines are generally used on large ships, with a relatively slow speed but still capable of maintaining strong power, commonly found in diesel engines or turbines.

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